Alexander Spedding, PhD
Software Engineer

Full Stack Developer


Kuma Engine

Visual Novel Creator in OpenGL.

Doom WAD Importer

Import Doom levels into Unreal Engine.


A turn-based battle system in Unreal Engine.

99th Street

Prototype of a skating engine

Midnight Sun

Stealth game with artificial intelligence.

Red Leaf

Stealth game with artificial intelligence.

Jet Set Reverse

A texture modifier for a Dreamcast game.

Electric Rain

A 2D RPG with a battle system.

Neuron Warfare

Strategy shooter in C++ using Irrlicht.


A 2.5D puzzle game using DarkGDK.

Jet Set Radio Air

A skating game using DarkGDK


An R package for MRI data

Game Jam Entries

How To Build A Planet

Ludum Dare 38

Cabin Commander

Ludum Dare 37



Mare Imbrium

Ludum Dare 28

University Projects

Genetic Life Simulator

Final Year Project

Critical Error

Lunar Lander-esque Android game

Esper Compiler

Compiler with optimisation techniques

Artificial Life Simulator

Swing GUI

PhD Thesis

A Data Mining Approach for Automated Classification of Alzheimer's Disease